Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A booze post - at last!

Well, sort of....

You may have begun wondering why, exactly, this blog is called Books, Booze and Bikes when so far only literature and bicycles have figured in the content. So by popular demand I'm introducing some booze content today.

Here's the item:

On Monday's stage of the Paris-Nice spring classic, Lance Armstrong ended the stage 44th, hardly a stellar showing.

I can practically hear the eyes rolling in your heads. What does that have to do with booze, you're wondering? It's bloody cycling again!

Ah, but here's the kicker: in the International Herald Tribune( ) Armstrong told the great cycling reporter Samuel Apt (whom many readers know from his long-time Tour "day" France - to use OLN commentator Bob Roll's pronunciation - coverage in the New York Times), "Don't say I spent the winter partying, because I didn't."

Apt reports, however, that Armstrong did attend the Grammys and an Academy Awards party with girl friend Sheryl Crow ("All I want to do/is have some fun.").

There. That's sort of a booze item. Right?