Thursday, March 17, 2005

Everyone's an editor

...especially over at

That's where author, Stanford University professor and well-known member of the digerati, Lawrence Lessig, is posting the entire text of his 1999 book, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.

But Lessig's not just looking for readers, but editors, in the project he is billing as a "book by Lawrence Lessig and you."

Lessig says the project is the first online, collaborative book update. The work is being done on a wiki, a Website that lets readers edit text and add comments.

Just don't expect a credit: Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace by Lawrence Lessig, Joe Smith, and 10,000 Others, because it isn't going to happen. The new version, to be published in 2005 by Basic Books, will be credited to the Code V.2 Wiki, while royalties will go to the Creative Commons (, a non-profit copyright collective.

Overall, it sounds like a writer's worst nightmare: not one, not two, but thousands of editors having a go at your work. How scary is that?


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