Monday, March 21, 2005

It's a dog's life

...especially over at Outdoor Life Network, where last week they promised Canadian viewers coverage of the spring classic bike race, Milan to San Remo. Instead, what did we get? A race alright: a dog race.

OLN has dogs on the brain. Dogs With Jobs, Ultimate Dogs, Top Dogs - that makes up the bulk of OLN's programming. In fact, the perfect OLN show would be a dog that looks like Lonely Planet's Ian Wright working out with a Bowflex.

There's nothing wrong with the dog programming. Our previous cat, Lupin, used to adore Dogs With Jobs. It gave her an overwhelming sense of moral superiority to watch the dogs go through their paces for their kibble while she lazed around on the living room rug.

What's anger-inducing, however, is for a couple of years now Americans have been treated to cycling coverage every Sunday while Canadians get such drivel as Surviorman.

Surviorman indeed! I'd like to stick him on a bike in the Tour de France peloton and see how long he'd last.

TSN, which carries OLN in Canada, doesn't seem interested in carrying much original programming, but rather is content to host the same five shows and infomercials over and over again. Previously, cycling fans have complained about the network's lack of bike racing coverage. It hasn't worked.

But if you want to try again, go to and email OLN and let them know you'd enjoy more cycling coverage behind the Tour de France.


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