Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Two bottles of Linkwood later

...and Joannes van den Heuvel is suddenly on about George Bush, fish and the Axis of Evil.


Obviously, the single malt worked its magic.

Still not certain what I'm on about? Check out the insanity over at
Van den Heuvel just relaunched his single-malt blog two days ago and he's drinking like, fish, so that he has content to post.

If you've never been over to Malt Madness. Check it out. Over 500 pages devoted to the "water of life" may be found at the Website.

Van den Heuvel didn't have too much to say about the Linkwood, although he still has yet to weigh in with details on it. I've tried a bottling of the 12-year-old and didn't find it particularly special. If I could only take one dram to a desert island, Linkwood would not be it - although two bottles of it apparently leads to deranged thoughts about George Bush.


Anonymous John Grasett said...

My favorite single malt has to be Lagavulin. But last spring I travelled through Kentucky on the way home from a visit in St. Louis and had a chance to tour the oldest distillery in the US - and they make some fine bourbon! is one site - odd they make all sorts of brands, and each has a website! The on I brought home and enjoyed the most is Blanton's Single Barrel - - but one cannot buy fine products like that up here that I know of. One whiskey I can get in Ontario that I really like is Te Bheag - - an unchillfiltered Gaelic Whiskey. Be nice to share a dram with an old friend some time ;)

9:43 AM  
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