Sunday, April 03, 2005

Classic TV

That's how I'd define Corner Gas. It's a great Canadian comedy - literate, intelligent, funny and even has bikes. How great is that?

In the most recent episode, the two police officers who patrol the Saskatchewan town of Dog River, the setting of Corner Gas, get bicycles. One of them even ends up with an aero helmet with "police" lettered on the side. It's absolutely hilarious and, yes, you probably need to see it.

Not so funny is the fact that cars keeping backing over their bikes, trashing the frames and wheels.

The best part of all that is the bikes are only a sub-plot on this extremely amusing show. I just adore it - but then my friend Gordon tells me that only folks from the West get it. (Yes, I know this blog is written from Prince Edward Island, but I'm from Edmonton and will always be a prairie boy).

Anyways, kudos to the folks at Corner Gas for their creative use of bikes. Check them out on the Interweb (as the good folks of Dog River call it) at:


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