Monday, April 04, 2005

Booming Boonan crushes Hincapie's hopes

Like the alliteration?

The race wasn't too darn bad either. Of couse, I'm referring to last night's Tour of Flanders, during which Tom Boonan (Quick Step) with only nine kilometres to go broke away from a lead group of six riders to capture the race.

The event made for a wonderful night of coach potatoism and offered a lot in terms of sheer cycling spectacle. With 17 climbs, many of them at a steep 20% grade, over the last 50 kilometres of the Belgium course, the riders already had a tough enough task. Add cobblestones and the race was positively daunting.

Discovery Channel was out in full force for the race with Lance Armstrong riding support for George Hincapie, who hoped to become the first American to bring home gold from the Tour of Flanders. It didn't happen. Instead, Hincapie was snoozing in 30th place when the six-man break developed. Why the veteran racer wasn't further up front isn't clear, but it certainly played out as poor tactics.

For an interview with 24-year-old Boonan, go here:


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